Advance Course in Patent Drafting and Prosecution

Duration :

3 Months

Learning Outcome :

The objective is to train the candidates in patent drafting and patent prosecution. The training will include interactive sessions with Trainers (IP Attorneys, Experts and Practitioners) including group discussions, self-learning exercises, simulations, case studies, scenario exercises. The focus will be to deliver content that can help in conceptual understanding and practical application of critical content in a relatively short period of time.
The course teaches fundamentals of patentability, patent prosecution infringement, and enforcement under the US Patent Laws.

Course Outline

  • M-001 Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
  • M-002 Patents and Industrial Designs
  • M-003 Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
  • M-004 Copyrights and Related Rights
  • M-005 Technology Commercialization
  • M-006 Patent Information Search and Analytics
  • M-007 IP Management
  • M-008 IPR Affecting Emerging Domains

⦁ Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Rights
⦁ Development of Intellectual Property Rights in India
⦁ IP System in India and Abroad
⦁ Evolution of IP Laws in India
⦁ Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
⦁ World Intellectual Property Rights (WIPO)
⦁ International Treaties and Conventions on IPR

⦁ Patent System in India, USA, Europe, Japan and China
⦁ Patent Acts and Rules (India, USA and Europe)
⦁ Patent Protection in India: Pre-filing (Prior Art Search, Patent Specification Drafting etc.)
⦁ Patent Prosecution: Pre-filing to Grant
⦁ Post Filing and Maintenance
⦁ International Treaties
⦁ International Patent Filing System: PCT and Paris Convention Route
⦁ Industrial Design Filing and Prosecution
⦁ Patent Rights Enforcement and Litigation
⦁ Patent Rights Infringement

⦁ Fundamentals of Trademarks, Service marks and Certification Marks
⦁ Trademark Search and Analysis
⦁ Trademark Filing and Prosecution
⦁ Trademark Laws in India
⦁ International Treaties Affecting Trademarks
⦁ Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
⦁ Trademark Infringement

⦁ Copyright: An Introduction
⦁ Copyright Filing and Prosecution
⦁ Copyrights Laws in India
⦁ International Conventions and Treaties on Copyrights and Related Rights
⦁ Copyright Infringement

⦁ Patent Licensing and Technology Transfer
⦁ Technology Evaluation
⦁ Realties and Negotiation
⦁ Process of Patent Licensing
⦁ Patent Valuation

⦁ Patent Searching and Analysis
⦁ Types of Patent Searches (Novelty, FTO, Infringement etc.)
⦁ Patent Landscape Analysis
⦁ Patent Triaging

⦁ IP Portfolio Management
⦁ IP Docketing Management System
⦁ IP Due Diligence
⦁ IP Auditing
⦁ Creation and Identification of new IP

⦁ IPR in Pharmaceutical Technology
⦁ IPR in IT, Electronics and Communications
⦁ Farmer’s and Breeder’s Right
⦁ IP in Cyber World