Certificate in Patent Search and Drafting (CPSD)

Duration :

3 months

Fees :


Learning Objective :

The course will cover different types of Patent searches, Searching Methodologies, Patent Specification Drafting and Claim designing. The training will also cover the hands on training on various patent databases.

Course Outline

  • M-001 Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
  • M-002 Patents and Industrial Designs
  • M-003 Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
  • M-004 Copyrights and Related Rights
  • M-005 Technology Commercialization
  • M-006 Patent Information Search and Analytics
  • M-007 IP Management
  • M-008 IPR Affecting Emerging Domains

⦁ Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Rights
⦁ Development of Intellectual Property Rights in India
⦁ IP System in India and Abroad
⦁ Evolution of IP Laws in India
⦁ Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
⦁ World Intellectual Property Rights (WIPO)
⦁ International Treaties and Conventions on IPR

⦁ Patent System in India, USA, Europe, Japan and China
⦁ Patent Acts and Rules (India, USA and Europe)
⦁ Patent Protection in India: Pre-filing (Prior Art Search, Patent Specification Drafting etc.)
⦁ Patent Prosecution: Pre-filing to Grant
⦁ Post Filing and Maintenance
⦁ International Treaties
⦁ International Patent Filing System: PCT and Paris Convention Route
⦁ Industrial Design Filing and Prosecution
⦁ Patent Rights Enforcement and Litigation
⦁ Patent Rights Infringement

⦁ Fundamentals of Trademarks, Service marks and Certification Marks
⦁ Trademark Search and Analysis
⦁ Trademark Filing and Prosecution
⦁ Trademark Laws in India
⦁ International Treaties Affecting Trademarks
⦁ Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
⦁ Trademark Infringement

⦁ Copyright: An Introduction
⦁ Copyright Filing and Prosecution
⦁ Copyrights Laws in India
⦁ International Conventions and Treaties on Copyrights and Related Rights
⦁ Copyright Infringement

⦁ Patent Licensing and Technology Transfer
⦁ Technology Evaluation
⦁ Realties and Negotiation
⦁ Process of Patent Licensing
⦁ Patent Valuation

⦁ Patent Searching and Analysis
⦁ Types of Patent Searches (Novelty, FTO, Infringement etc.)
⦁ Patent Landscape Analysis
⦁ Patent Triaging

⦁ IP Portfolio Management
⦁ IP Docketing Management System
⦁ IP Due Diligence
⦁ IP Auditing
⦁ Creation and Identification of new IP

⦁ IPR in Pharmaceutical Technology
⦁ IPR in IT, Electronics and Communications
⦁ Farmer’s and Breeder’s Right
⦁ IP in Cyber World